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National Cheeseburger Day’s (September 18, 2023)

On September 18th each year, a day dedicated to cheeseburgers is observed. Since the beginning of the Roaring 20s era, this annual celebration of one of the most famous and delectable cuisines in the USA has been held. Though its plain cousin, the hamburger, was probably created in the United States around 1900, it’s thought that the addition of cheese didn’t come about until 1924.

National Cheeseburger Day’s history

According to the legend, a young man named Lionel Sternberger randomly decided to add an American cheese slice to a burger one day while working at his father’s sandwich business.

The Rite Spot is in Pasadena, California, in the United States. He thought it was delicious and told his father about it, who concurred. The cheeseburger was thus created.

Despite the fact that the concept was supposedly invented in California in 1924, the first sandwich to really use the term “cheeseburger” in its marketing was served at Kaelin’s restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1934.

 However, the phrase “cheeseburger” was originally trademarked in another location the next year, in 1935, at the Denver, Colorado-based Humpty Dumpty Drive-In. The origin of the cheeseburger seems to have been claimed by individuals across the country! 

There are many ways to recognize National Cheeseburger Day, but it may be celebrated and enjoyed almost however one pleases—as long as it incorporates a cheeseburger, of course! Consider these ways to honor the day:

Major and regional fast-food companies frequently give away free cheeseburgers to customers along with other special deals on National Cheeseburger Day.

The free offerings typically have some type of cap to stop people from abusing the generosity. This might be done by capping the number of free cheeseburgers at one per person, limiting them to the first 10,000 customers, or only making them available for a short time each day, perhaps for one or two hours.

With the purchase of a cheeseburger, certain restaurants will give you a complimentary order of fries or beverage.

Observing National Cheeseburger Day: Ideas

Several restaurant brands, including Burger King, Slater’s 50/50, Farmer Boy, Jack in the Box, Red Robin, White Castle, and many more, have previously offered complimentary or cheap cheeseburgers. See what kind of specials your neighborhood burger place is providing in honor of National Cheeseburger Day this year by checking online or stopping by!

Create your own homemade cheeseburgers


Many burger chefs will utilize their imagination and culinary expertise to create fresh takes on the classic cheeseburger to commemorate the day. This typically entails the use of premium cheeses, additional meats, and a variety of novel garnishes.

 Try these creative suggestions to transform a regular cheeseburger into something incredibly tasty:

  • Cheddar cheeseburgers with slaw and fried shallots The tang of sharp cheddar cheese is combined with vinegared cabbage (formed into slaw) and a delicious topping of crispy, fried shallot rings in this original take on a cheeseburger.
  • Burgers with poblano pepper jack cheese A slice of pepper jack cheese and a mountain of roasted poblano peppers are added to the dish to add some heat. Wow, that is hot!
  • Burgers with a Reuben A Reuben sandwich is evoked by switching the cheese to Swiss and adding Thousand Island dressing. Naturally, a rye bun must be used to serve this combination.
  • An American cheeseburger, kimchi, and bacon This unusual sandwich, which was inspired by a Shake Shack burger, has a few pieces of bacon, a slice of American or cheddar cheese, a splash of mayonnaise and Indonesian chili sauce, and a little mound of drained and chopped kimchi cabbage.

Some Songs About Cheeseburgers to Hear


Have fun putting up a playlist that captures the utter joy that inspires people to create songs about them in honor of National Cheeseburger Day! Create a playlist with these songs to get things going, then add some more upbeat music to get you motivated for the day:

Jimmy Buffett’s song “Cheeseburger in Paradise” from 1978 Jimmy Buffett’s ode to the cheeseburger will be well known to any self-respecting fan of the food.

  • The 2011 film His Cheeseburger by Veggie Tales Yes, it is a children’s song. But it’s also a rock love song that explores the complex feelings of a cheeseburger-loving gourd named Mr. Lunt.
  • Lucinnio’s The Cheeseburger Song (2020) Lucinnio is a Romanian singer-songwriter who specializes in writing about food and performs songs like “The Muffin Song,” “The Pancake Song,” and “The Chicken Nuggets Song.” The phrase “everything on it” does seem to be his favorite.
  • Micropop’s (2018) The Cheeseburger Family by Jack Stauber Due to overwhelming demand, this avant-pop folk indie lo-fi band later published the full 4-minute version of the song, which is now available on YouTube and includes an image of a clay hamburger face.

Organize a National Cheeseburger Day celebration


To celebrate National Cheeseburger Day, round up some family or friends, fire up the grill (or the stove! ), and go to work grilling some burgers. Alternately, make a fun day of it by hosting a cheeseburger bar at work around lunch.

Set up a sign-up sheet for individuals to bring buns or different toppings, such as different kinds of cheese, tomato slices, lettuce, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, barbecue sauce, or anything else that tastes good on top of a burger. Remember to play any of the Cheeseburgers songs recommended above to set a joyful mood!

Try some unusual cheeseburger cuisine.

Tired of the same old, bland meat and cheese sandwiched between two buns? Well, National Cheeseburger Day is the perfect opportunity to consume cheeseburgers in the most absurd ways possible! Check out these unique methods that some individuals have chosen to have their cheeseburgers on this day and during the entire year:

Pizza Cheeseburger:

I guess this one isn’t so insane after all. Instead of pouring all of the cheeseburger’s taste onto a bun, it is stacked on top of the pizza crust. It nevertheless retains the capacity to be eaten with your hands and is delectable.

Milkshake with a cheeseburger:

A side of fries and a milkshake pair better with a cheeseburger than anything else. In response, the Cheeseburger Milkshake was created, which combines a flavor-packed milkshake (chocolate, strawberry, or some other flavor) topped with a cheeseburger that is garnished by being placed directly on the straw. Wow!

Cheetos with a cheeseburger flavor:

Asian nations appear to have a slightly distinct palette when it comes to the flavors of chips and other foods. This specific flavor of Cheeseburger Cheetos has been advertised in Japan, but the marketers never attempted to export it to the US. But for a crispy, cheesy flavor, another equally intriguing choice would be to try heaping a stack of Cheetos onto a hamburger.


Finally, National Cheeseburger Day, which is celebrated on September 18th, honors the long history and lasting popularity of this signature American food. The cheeseburger has evolved into a representation of culinary innovation because of Lionel Sternberger’s accidental invention of it in 1924 and its numerous regional variations. There are many ways to celebrate National Cheeseburger Day and pay respect to this cherished classic, like partaking in freebies from fast food restaurants, experimenting with novel toppings, or bopping to music with cheeseburger themes.

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